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One Page Websites Designed & Hosted For One Year For Only €75


Tripadvisor Integration

Complete re-design and update of page and images linking to your webpage, Google Maps and your Facebook page.

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Facebook Integration

If you have a Facebook page we will create a brand new banner design and link your Facebook page with your website.

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Google Maps Integration

Your webpage will feature a live interactive Google Map listing your exact location. Visitors are able to zoom in and access the original map which opens in a separate browser window ensuring the visitor is not completely taken away from your page.

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Mobile Friendly

Your website is optimised to display perfectly on all mobile devices in any orientation.

Package Contents

One Page Website

Twelve months hosting

Optimised for all mobile devices

E-Mail Address

Tripadvisor page registration and optimisation

Google Live Map Page registration and optimisation

Google Live Map Inserted into Webpage

Website page banner design

Facebook Page banner design

High visibility Links

Regular page maintenance

Fast & friendly help & advice

Check The Templates Below


Suitable for all cafes and bars this is a one page site with the minimum amount of images ensuring super fast browser loading.

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Restaraunt/Wine Bar

Suitable for restaurants and wine bars this site is made up of of seven pages consisting of background imagery on each page.

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Fast Food Pizza Restaraunt

This is a one page site with stunning imagery making it a very appealing website. All images can be replaced with your own or can be left in place.

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Tea/Coffee Shops

This is a one page website suitable for tea rooms, coffee shops and small local bakers or confectionary businesses. all effects can be altered or removed.

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Nothing to pay until your page is online and you are 100% happy.